Mr Doug Campbell

Mr Doug Campbell


Doug Campbell is a specialist Consultant Hand and Wrist Surgeon with more than 15 years experience in the specialty, based in Leeds, UK. His areas of specialist clinical interest are sports injuries of the hand and wrist, complex problems of wrist function, and traumatic problems of both hand and wrist. He is also actively involved in surgical education, clinical research and new product development. 

Medical Conditions

Describing many of the common conditions affecting the hand and wrist, this guide helps patients who want to learn more. Each condition is clearly explained in plain language. Readers are referred by links to more detailed areas for further information.

Sports Medicine

Highlighting the ways in which the type of sport will influence the type of injury, and the principles for optimum rehabilitation and rapid return to competition, this section includes a contact link for Sports Medicine doctors and physios.


This section describes the background to the different types of treatments your doctor will select for you, as well as explaining how to select, and exactly what to expect when visiting, a Hand Surgeon.