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Hand and wrist surgery



British Society for Surgery of the Hand
The official website of the organising body
for administration, education audit and
research into hand surgery in the UK


American Society for Surgery of the Hand
The official website for hand surgeons in the USA
An excellent patient education resource.



The website for specialist hand and wrist
physiotherapy services in your own home
(currently this service is only available in
the Yorkshire region)


The AO Foundation
The official website of the Swiss charitable foundation delivering excellence in trauma care. Outstanding international resource for product news, course information and Fellowship advice. Also educational videos for trauma surgeons.


 AO Surgery Reference
A free clinical resource detailing classification,
treatment options and advice on skeletal injuries
throughout the body. Mr Campbell was a co-author
on the section on wrist fractures.



Sports Medicine


Association of Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine
The official website for those phyiotherapists providing specialist sports medicine services


Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine  
The official website for Sports and Exercise Medicine doctors in the UK



Hand Surgery textbooks

Mr Campbell has contributed chapters to the following textbooks;


The Oxford Textbook of Orthopaedics and Trauma
Chapter2.3.14  Ganglia of the hand and wrist


AO Principles of Fracture Management 2 (Distal Radial Fractures)
Chapter 6.3.3  Distal radius and wrist


Practical Procedures in Orthopaedic Trauma
Chapter 4.6 ORIF for distal radius fractures: dorsal approach
Chapter 5.1 Percutaneous fixation of scaphoid fractures
Chapter 5.2 ORIF of acute scapholunate dissociation


Fractures and Injuries of the Distal Radius and Carpus: The Cutting Edge   
Chapter 28 Distal ulnar fractures

 Osteosynthesis in the hand: Current concepts
Edited by DB Herren, L Nagy and DA Campbell

Sports links 


UK Gymnastics 

Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) 


Rugby Football Union RFU)  


The Football Association (FA)   


The Rugby Football League (RFL) 


European PGA Tour  


British Olympic Association (BOA)   




The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)


England and Wales Cricket Board