Physiotherapy is an essential part of most treatments in hand surgery. A physiotherapist is trained in assessment and treatment of a multitude of different conditions in the upper limb, from trapped nerves in the neck caused by arthritis, to mobilising finger joints stiffened by injury.

In some cases, a physiotherapist will be the first port of call for people worried about symptoms in their hands. They may be able to offer treatment to relieve all or some of those symptoms.

Physiotherapists also offer essential treatment after surgery or injury to the hand or wrist. Just as surgeons specialise in certain clinical areas, so physiotherapists are also specialists in their chosen sub-specialty.



Mr Campbell works with a specialist group of hand physiotherapists in his practice at Leeds General Infirmary and in his private practice. It can be difficult to travel to hospital appointments for therapy just after surgery. Bandaging or plaster casts may make driving difficult or impossible. The company 'Phyzio2Go' has been set up to provide specialist hand and upper limb treatments in your own home. The group is run and managed by highly specialist physiotherapists who will visit you at home at a convenient time and bring specialist treatment to you. Mr Campbell works with 'Phyzio2Go' in his private practice, and strongly recommends the service they provide.