Technique dependent sports

A number of sports demand a specific performance of a learned technique, such as gymnastics, high diving, rowing, sailing or certain equestrian sports. In addition, many of the sports discussed in the equipment dependent sports section require an exact and repetitive technique.

Concentration and repetition of these techniques is critical to success in sports where even slight changes or mistakes can have a major influence. As a result, any problem which may distract the competitor should be eliminated. For this reason, competitors in these sports may appear to be complaining of what may seem to be a very minor problem, but the reality is that this is affecting their concentration and execution of their sport and should be taken seriously.

The actual technique itself (which obviously varies enormously between sports) can also produce a problem by its execution. Modifications to this technique may alleviate all or some of the problem, but may be difficult to adjust to, for a competitor who has been rigorously trained for years in a particular way.

These problems require considerable thought and input. Often, meetings will be required between competitor, doctor, physiotherapist and coach/trainer. It is essential to understand all aspects of the competitior's performance before working towards a solution, which may not be quick to achieve.

In some cases, reassurance is all that is required, so that the competitor can focus on their technique, free of the distraction of worry and anxiety produced by the symptom.

Mr Campbell has worked with rowers, gymnasts and people from the performing arts as a part of his Sports Practice, and has experience of many different types of problems in these areas.